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In The World's Strongest, Krillin has a power level of 5,000 according to the Movie 3 Pamphlet. He and Gohan are both defeated easily by Kishime . In The Tree of Might , Krillin struggles against Amond , who deflects his Destructo Disk Krillin (Tournament of Power)[edit| edit source] 130 Million As he vowed, Krillin has continued to train with Android 18 and has increased his power further. Judging from his quick defeat during his spar with 18, he has not yet surpassed his wife's power level who had not trained since the Android saga Krillin (vs. Guldo) Over 10,000: Vol. 23, #274: Krillin (vs. Recoome) 13,000: Daizenshuu 7: Nail: 42,000: Vol. 24, #286: Vegeta: Nearly 20,000: Vol. 23, #275 (original) Vegeta: Nearly 30,000: Vol. 23, #275 (Kanzenban) Vegeta (Post Recoome) 250,000: V-Jump: Namekian Warriors: 10,000: Episode 70: Frieza Saga: Goku: 3,000,000: Daizenshuu 7: Goku (Super Saiyan) 150,000,000: Daizenshuu 7: Krillin: 75,00 Krillin. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) Share. Contents . Base Edit. 1,875 Kaio-ken Edit. 3,750 Base Doubled Potential Unlocked Edit. 75,000 Was The Strongest pure Human,40x Base Dragon Ball Power Levels Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Sit Related: Dragon Ball Can Make Piccolo Important Again The Universal Survival in Dragon Ball Super was a change in pace for Krillin, as it allowed for a one-on-one match-up with Goku and a heated battle with Universe 4's Majora in the Tournament of Power.Krillin's arc in the Tournament of Power gives viewers a good indication of just how far Krillin has come since Dragon Ball Z — and.

See the guy bellow? Krillin could lift him and his 500pound boulder using a single finger. This other guy? Krillin could fly around the world while he do a 500m run. The little war machine bellow look pretty tough no? Krillin could walk through li.. Namek Saga Power Levels. View source. History. Comments Share. Yajirobe (Injured)90. Krillin (Near Death)10 Gohan (Near Death)4 Goku (Near Death)2. Chi Chi-80. Master Roshi-139 Korin-10.3 Bulma-4.3. King Kai-3,500

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  1. Adults (Below average to Soldiers) - 2 - 15 *Goku with a power level of 10 said he was trained to be like steel. Kids/Teen martial arts students - 5 - 15 *Yamcha and Krillin were in this age range when they were first introduced
  2. Krillin 206 Sansho 160 Sansho Full Power 255 Nicky 150 Nicky Full Power 225 Ginger 200 Ginger Full Power 300 Garlic Jr Transformed 420 Gohan Potential Release 1,440 The World's Strongest: Goku 19,000 Goku Kaio-ken x2 38,000 Goku Kaio-ken x3 57,000 Master Roshi 7,700 Krillin 8,000 Gohan 10,000 Piccolo 14,000 Dr. Kochin 8 Bio-Men 1,000 Miskokatsu
  3. Krillin was initially introduced as a rival for the young Goku. They trained together under Master Roshi, but over time, the two became lifelong friends. Although his power level has never been able to keep up with that of Goku (which he is painfully aware of,) he's never backed down from a fight
  4. Krillin: 1,600 Ten (One handed Kikoho): 2,188 Gohan enraged: 2,500 Goku Vs Nappa. Goku (suppressed upon arrival): 5,000 Goku: 8,000 Nappa (full power): = 7,800 Goku: (Kaioken) = 12,000 Goku Vs..
  5. According to Toriyama, Krillin's power was 75,000 by the end of Namak saga. For comparison, pre-Namak Vegeta (who was a planet buster) was 18,000 (his Galick gun was able to match Goku Kaioken x3.
  6. Even though he doesn't naturally grow in power like the Saiyans, he's still a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately for Krillin, Piccolo's power level is way too strong for him to stand a chance. Along with having a higher power level, Piccolo also has a range of alien abilities that give him the upper hand. 8 Easily Destroy: Radit

Apparently these multipliers don't matter. Just look at at Goku blow Super Saiyan in the Android saga, apparently getting 10 times stronger, and Future Trunks along with Goku when he arrives on earth. They both don't have a full 50 times multiplier like they should. There might be more, but I didn't wanna look anymore seeing how disappointed I was Kaioken = 1.5x base Kaioken x2 = 2x base. How Strong is Krillin In The Tournament Of Power Krillin in the tournament of power shows us some impressive feats and how much he was improved over the years. Although Krillin's character has never changed, the will do anything that it takes to protect his beloved wife Andriod 18 Krillin's power level at his absolute peak? Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards Vegeta had to be referencing the power of the Kaioken, it only makes sense that he would do so. So yeah, Gohan and Krillin would be within the neighborhood of 24,000-32,000 post potential unlock...


Power Level. HP 2,300,369. Strike ATK 222,022 . Blast ATK 228,474 . Strike DEF 152,814 . Blast DEF 154,334 . Critical: 1,507: Ki Restore Speed: 2,615: Character Info. Battle Style; Support: Arts Cards Held; Blast (Restore Ki) Blast. Tags; Overview. EX Krillin PUR spearheads the under-explored Super Warrior Tag as its strongest Supporter. Master Roshi's power retcon once again makes him someone who can keep up with at least some of the Z-Warriors. In the past, it was clear that Roshi had been surpassed by Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and even Chiaotzu, but this may no longer be true.If he's stronger than Tien, there's a good chance that he could defeat Yamcha and Krillin as well

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If you had the power level of say, Krillin, what would you secretly use your abilities for? Discussion. Me, I'd become a boxer. Start off in an amateur circuit, completely destroying every opponent. Find a nice trainer and eventually go pro. Holding back of course, I'd make the bigger fights appear more close. Go undefeated in my career, then. Krillin knows the Kamehameha, a technique that we know can destroy heavenly bodies if enough power is put behind it -- the same move Roshi used to destroy the moon, and what Cell was going to wipe out Earth and the whole solar system with. And we know that his power level has been above Vegeta's initial 18,000 ever since the Ginyu-in-Goku's. begging-200 after battle with sayan's- 400 after battle with frrieza 100,000 after cell games has ended-210,000,000 Krillin's power level is 75,00 Krillin's power level at the start of Dragon Ball Z is 206 according to Bulma's modified scouter. Later, during the battle with the Saiyans, his suppressed power level is 1,100 (1,083 in the manga) and 1,770 when fighting at full strength Master Roshi (Max power): 100; Master Roshi's Max Power Kamehameha: 180; Goku's Kamehameha: 12; Great Ape Goku: 100; Tournament Saga. Goku: 28; Master Roshi: 40; Krillin: 9; Launch (bad): 7; Launch (good): 4; Goku (Master Roshi's training): 37; Krillin (Master Roshi's training): 24; Jackie Chun: 50; Yamcha: 21; Bacterian: 8; Nam: 20; Ranfan: 14; Giran: 33; Goku (tail regrown): 5

Krillin has managed to have an impact on Dragon Ball no matter the size of his role in the series or the level of his power simply by being brave in the face of danger — a trait he has had since. Krillin is the strongest because in the Cell story arc he flys in and kicks Cell right in the face. Plus, Krillin's power level is far beyond any human's power level. He gained all his strength through training and hard work. Anyone else pales in comparison to Krillin's extreme work ethic. Krillin wasn't wished strong by some Dragonball bologna

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  1. Power levels redirects here. For the concept of power levels, see Power Level. This is a list of known and official Power Levels in the Dragon Ball universe. All of the levels on this list are taken from the manga, anime, movies, the official Daizenshuu guides, games and stated mathematical calculations. After the Frieza Saga, the only power level stated by a scouter is that of Future Trunks.
  2. Krillin has been on the bench for the most part in recent years and due to the power levels of his Saiyan friends, he can often be viewed as a bit of a weakling, but as far as Earth natives go, he.
  3. Raditz vs Goku and Piccolo Farmer: 5 Raditz(Suppressed): 1,200 Piccolo(Weights): 322 Goku(Weights): 334 Gohan: 1 Chichi: 90 Piccolo: 322 Krillin: 206 Bulma
  4. Krillin knows the Kamehameha, a technique that we know can destroy heavenly bodies if enough power is put behind it -- the same move Roshi used to destroy the moon, and what Cell was going to wipe out Earth and the whole solar system with. And we know that his power level has been above Vegeta's initial 18,000 ever since the Ginyu-in-Goku's-body fight (and it's only gone up since then -- 75,000 by the end of the Freeza battle, and then there were three years of training for the Androids.
  5. Goku reached the power level of one hundred thirty thousand, Vegeta reached the power level of ninety thousand, Nappa the power level of seventy thousand, Roshi's power level increased to fifty thousand, Tien's to forty-five thousand, Yamcha's to forty thousand, Radit'z to thirty-five thousand and Chiaotzu's to twenty thousand, Piccolo also.
  6. There's a thread like this for the new film which was a good idea because it kept all power level talk to one topic. This is the same general idea but for Super. There's gonna be new characters and surely new forms for Goku and Vegeta etc as well as new feats (Goku's tractor throw) so there should be a lot to discuss over time

Which, considering Goku could withstand a bullet as a child where he was stated to have a power level of 10. Means Krillin must of put himself down to a lower power level than that. And yet, through the power of a trip to a forest and a sparring match with Goku. He not only drastically increased his power, but also his competitive skills Krillin: 2000 ( 4000 charged up) Gohan: 2500 ( 5000 charged up) Goku: 10000 (20000 charged up, without Kay-o-ken) Dodoria: 5000 ( 8000 charged up) Zarbon: 15000 (20000 charged up) Vegeta: 22000 (28000 charged up Yamcha's BP at level 250 rests at a meager 3,605,049, while Krillin's sits high and mighty at 14,836,176. Despite this massive difference, Krillin is #10 on the list and Yamcha is #11 The ability to power up or suppress the power sources of oneself or others. Sub-power of Superpower Manipulation. Technique of Life-Force Manipulation 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Associations 5 Limitations 6 Known Users 7 Gallery 7.1 Anime/Manga/Manhwa 7.2 Cartoons/Comics 7.3 Video Games Power Increasing and Masking Power Increasing and Decreasing Power Source Manipulation. Multi-Form Technique: Krillin can create copies of himself togain an advantage, but it also cuts his Power Level in half in the process. First used in his fight against Nappa. Proves to be largely useless against opponents of high power level such as Nappa. Kienzan (Destructo Disk): Krillin's signature attack. He charges a ki based disk and.

Frieza (Full Power)530,000. Piccolo (Fused with Nail)1,050,000. Frieza's Blast-530,200. Gohan's Masenko-51,500 Krillin's Kamehameha-46,500. Vegeta (Full Power)530,000. Bulma-4.3. Frieza (Second Form)1,000,000. Goku (Healing in Medical Chamber)3,000. Frieza's Death Storm-1,020,000 The power to adjust one's power/strength level. Sub-power of Power Level Manipulation. Variation of Power Augmentation. Not to be confused with Power Refining. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Associations 5 Limitations 6 Known Users 7 Known Objects 8 Gallery Power Tuning User can adjust power/strength levels of themselves or others as needed. Adaptive Power Level Power. Goku-334 Krillin- 206 Roshi- 139 Raditz- 1,200 Piccolo- 322 Gohan- 142 Gohan (mad) 1,307 Tien- 250 Yamcha- 156 Chiaotzu- 113 Fight With Nappa: Saibemen-1,20

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Three years had passed since the last events, Marron was almost six years old and Ryu was four years old and a half, I started to teach them martial arts and they immediately took a liking to it, Marron was growing at fast speeds, her power level was already above one hundred thousand and Ryu even though he didn't train as hard had a power level of fifty thousand The last rating of Krillin's power level is 75,000 during the battle with Frieza, according to the 1991 V-Jump #1. In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu (which covers up the series from Raditz's arrival to the Frieza Saga finale), Krillin's power level in level 48 (the top level in the game) is 950,000

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  1. Krillin: 45,000 Spice (transformed): 70,000 Vinegar (transformed): 80,000 This time Gohan vaporises Vinegar and Spice. Gohan and Krillin probably gained a power boost after the first fight and Vinegar and Spice's power level proably grew as well with their transformation but this time Gohan's Masenko vaporises them both. Piccolo vs. Garlic.
  2. Regardless Tien and Krillin are the strongest humans and there's good arguments for both sides but besides this id say by the end krillin and tien are probably close to freiza power level I think that's a pretty fair estimation
  3. Frieza-300,000 Zarbon-22,000 Dodoria-21,000Added by World's SaviorVegeta-16,000 Nappa-4,000 Raditz-1,200Added by World's SaviorOstrich Chicken-7.7Added by World's SaviorChi Chi-80Added by World's SaviorGoku-330Added by World's SaviorDoe-7Added by World's SaviorFarmer-5Added by World's SaviorGohan-1Added by World's SaviorButterfly-0.2Added by World's SaviorSabertooth Tiger-89.9Added by World's.
  4. d at his service if he wanted to ever avenge his lost kingdom and his race
  5. During the whole battle, Freezer was bluffing. Both Vegeta and Goku even commented on it. Do you actually believe that Piccolo, his power level being 800,000, could actually fight Freezer with a fighting power of over a million? No way in hell. Piccolo vs. Freezer. Piccolo: 400,000 Piccolo w/o weighted clothing: 440,00

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Krillin's power level after his potential is unlocked is 13,000 according to Daizenshuu 7. The last rating of Krillin's power level is 75,000 during the battle with Frieza (when Krillin's potential has finished unlocking), according to the 1991 V-Jump #1 Krillin is the first Master available to you in DBX2. He is located outside of Orange Star High School. He requires a total training level of Easy to start and Intermediate to finish

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Krillin had to train hard with Kami and Mr. Popo to raise his power level. He manages to raise his power level even higher than Goku's brother, Raditz. When most of the Super Saiyans are defeated, and Vegeta lay severely hurt, Krillin wanted to take out the villain once and for all. He watched as Vegeta tried to get away. Krillin picked up. Frieza Saga Power Levels: Gohan & Krillin Healed after fight with Saiyans. Gohan: 1,380 Krillin: 1,300 Not much to say here apart from the fact that Gohan and Krillin's power levels are close on the way to Namek but I think Gohan is a little stronger than Krillin anyway there power levels are the same by the time they land on Name Krillin as a Super Human Power Level: 700,000 Tiencha: 1,150,000 When a Super Human and a Super Saiyan fuses then it will create a universal being the possesses unlimited energy and willpower but has really bad side effects that could kill either one of them

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One supposes the Taiyoken/Kienzan combination is feasible, but this leaves the question of stats and general powerlevel to compare the two, and I'm not really comfortable saying Super-era Krillin is concretely strong enough to hang with #17 or others around the SSJ level Reported power level: 18,000, as of Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might This enemy turned friend of Goku packs a punch with a trio of highlight-reel moves : the Special Beam Cannon, the Hellzone. Krillin's level before fight 1,080 Yamcha's level during fight with Saibamen 1,480 Krillin's level during fight with Saiya-jin 1,700 Piccolo's level during fight 3,500 Chaozu's level during fight 610 Tien's level during fight 1,800 Gohan's level during fight 2,800 Saibamen's level 1,200 Nappa's level 4,000 Vegeta's level when fight Goku 18,00 I have Krillin at his strongest in the ToP. Definitely above a power level of 1 million. Namek arc Krillin gets defeated but I have Android Arc Krillin above 200k. So that could be an interesting. If there are any miscalculations in the power levels I have please contact me. Thanks and Enjoy. Power Levels Power Levels. DragonBall The 21st Tenkaichi Budokai participants: Krillin: 97 Bacteria: 14 (his strength is his stench) Yamcha: 73 Jackie Choun (Kamesennin): 139 (his strength never changes in the entire manga) Nam: 87 Lanfan: 14 Guilan.

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Power Edit. Krillin's power level was over 1,200 in the Saiyan saga we know because he killed 3 saibamen which each have a power level of 1,200. Trivia Edit. He is constantly insulted by his friends. He attends regular therapy. His owned count is rivaled only by Raditz's power level. He is made fun of by Piccolo because he is weaker then Gohan Kaio-ken, a technique which multiplies Krillin's power level depending on what level is used. It is taught to him by Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors. (Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors only.) Fusions Prilin. Main article: Prilin In Shonen Jump's 13th issue there was a what-if fusion of Piccolo and Krillin called Prilin Krillin has been left behind when it comes to the staggering power levels of the likes of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and even Piccolo, but one fan has decided to see what the strongest human warrior. Hide Your Power Level is an expression taken from the Shōnen manga and anime series Dragon Ball. Online, the expression is often used to describe a user who is hiding their affiliation, skills or hobbies (like video games or anime) to avoid being labelled negatively. The expression is commonly used on 4chan's /a/ board to describe users who hide their otaku interests and lifestyles to.

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  1. Krillin is this short little bald guy. He's usually the first guy to get killed because he's usually the one with the lowest power level. Nevertheless, he fights valiantly and is a great friend to Goku.His special attack is the Destructo Disc [Kienzen] even though practically every other character can do it
  2. Power Level. Guldo is stated to have a power level of 11,500. Due to the fact that Frieza expected the Ginyus to be able to fight Goku (when they teamed up with Cell in Hell), it is likely that Guldo increased to around 400,000. Vegeta and Krillin. When Vegeta instructed Krillin to destroy one of the Dragon Balls, Guldo used Time Freeze to.
  3. Power Levels As I have come across many power level pages that give the power level's of the characters throughout the show, I believe all of them to be innacurate in some way or another. I have compiled my own list, that is based on the power levels that Toriyama wrote down while creating the DBZ series

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  1. 1 How It Works 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Tables 1.3 Examples 2 List of Compatible Cards 3 General Tips 4 See Also Raising a card's Super Attack level (also known as SA lvl) can be done with two different methods, with varying chances of success: Using several item cards to raise Super Attack levels, primarily Kai cards. Most guarantee one increase in level. Training cards together with the same.
  2. Krillin Owned Count: 1. Noticing a Dragonball on Gohan's hat, Bulma questions whether it would make him a target for potential foes. Just as Goku states that he can fight off anyone, he senses a power level bigger than Krillin's losing streak. This huge power level is revealed to be the alien, who arrives and refers to Goku as Kararot
  3. Power Level. Recoome is stated to have a power level of 71,000. Due to the fact that Frieza expected the Ginyu Force to be able to defeat Super Saiyan Goku (when they teamed up with Cell in Hell) it is likely that Recoome's power has increased to that level. This indicates that they went through some serious training while down in Hell. Galler
  4. g as a super, as the damage and the screen coverage are both slightly sub par
  5. When Krillin first appeared, he was an exact foil to Goku. Whereas Goku was an impossibly pure-hearted child who takes his incredible strength for granted, and has a lot of confidence in his power, Krillin was a devious Bratty Half-Pint with a blatant inferiority complex
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Flowey : In Namek saga, Krillin potential has being unlocked by the Grand Elder Guru, making him not only stronger but also make his power countinue to rise as his power level fisrt was only 13,000 and then rise to 75,000 Goku the Talent Scout - Recruit Krillin and Android 18. Krillin must prove himself to both Gohan and Goku if he wants to enter the Tournament of Power. With martial arts tournament rules in play, Krillin's strength isn't solely based on his power level Dragon Ball Super's Moro Arc has come to a close in the pages of the manga, and with it, a number of fans are disappointed that the Prince of the Saiyans wasn't able to deliver the final blow. Origins:Dragon Ball Classification: Human Threat level: Demon+ || God+ || Nova+ Powers and abilities: Physical strength: || At least small planet+ level striking, likely higher (much stronger than Scouter Vegeta, Zarbon and Dodoria, and continued growing in power to an unknown amount till part 2 ended) || At least star+ level striking, possibly higher (strongest human of Universe 7, close to. Krillin (Dragon Ball Series) - Destructive Capacity: Star Level, Speed: FTL+, Durability: Large Star Level Krillin's only level 1 super. This move at first seems pretty standard, if not a little underwhelming as a super, as the damage and the screen coverage are both slightly sub par

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